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There are two main reasons to use CORCON. 

One, the most important, is that CORCON is a value integrated product. This means that there are enormous savings to the client, developer, contractor and subcontractor.

Two -  CORCON will eventually replace millions of cubic metres of rainforest plywoods,and save millions of tonnes of concete and steel reinforcing resulting in embodied energy savings of 200-300%.

The first 4000m2 Placed in a Manila Shopping Centre with 500m2 Corcon used 8 times in 8 weeks resulting in savings of 50% compared to precast Joist System (similar to Ultra Floor).

One of DCI clients in Malaysia - IJM, a multi-national company- has successfully used CORCON in two 5 storey carparks and are claiming that its use has resulted in a 20% saving on costs and 30% reduction in construction time.

Over 200,000sq m of CORCON has been placed in the ACT in the last ten years,

A company using this formwork in Darwin has claimed a saving of up to $80 per square metre,

China is a most important market for DCI to expand into internationally. Early in 2003, liaised by a DCI Chinese staff member, 500m2 of the CORCON system was supplied for a project at the Shan Shui Garden Club (located in the Old Stone Man area in Shang Dong province, China). As CORCON is 100% reusable, the actual construction area produced by  the 500m2 of the CORCON system was 6,000 m2 . Late in 2003, the QingDao group submitted a comprehensive project report to DCI which demonstrated great satisfaction with the CORCON system and  highlighted  recommendations in using CORCON in China.

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